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Whether you're riding the Monongahela Incline or the Duquesne Incline, they both provide spectacular views of the Pittsburgh skyline. For just a few bucks a couple minutes of your time, one of the cars will transport you from Station Square or the South Shore all the way to the top of Mt. Washington!
The Duquesne Incline climbs Mt. Washington on a rainy day in PittsburghThe Duquesne Incline cars pass each other after a snowstormDSC_5594A vibrant sunrise over the Duquesne Incline in PittsburghA sunny afternoon in Pittsburgh in the springAn incline climbs Mt. Washington surrounded by beautiful foliage in PittsburghA foggy morning on the Duquesne InclineCloseup of the Mon Incline in PittsburghThe Duquesne Incline in PittsburghA sunrise from Mt. Washington on the morning of Pittsburgh's 200th BirthdayThe Duquesne Incline climbs Mt. Washington in Pittsburgh during a vibrant winter sunriseA beautiful winter sunrise in PittsburghThe Duquesne Incline sits at the station on a snowy day in PittsburghLight streaks from the incline and a full moon over PittsburghPink sky at dawn over PIttsburghA snowy day on the Monongahela InclineSunlight through the Duquesne Incline during a winter sunrise in PittsburghCars climb a snowy track on the Duquesne InclineA snow squall moves through Pittsburgh above the Duquesne InclineAn incline climbs Mt. Washington during a snow squall at dusk in Pittsburgh

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Caroll Deuben
I am a Pittsburgher who has been living in Detroit for so many years it is home
But Pittsburgh will always be my “real home” The incline will always be one of the real symbols of Pittsburgh.
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