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One of the signature views in the Steel City of Pittsburgh is the one from Mt. Washington. High above the Monongahela River, you can see far and wide along the skyline, including the North Shore across Point from the Fountain at Point State Park and Station Square in the South Side far below.
A storm front moves over Pittsburgh as lightning strikes during a summer stormTrees frame the Pittsburgh skyline and Grandview Avenue at dawnThe color fills the sky on a cloudy morning in PittsburghClouds rush over Pittsburgh at duskThe fountain at the Point glows at dusk in PittsburghA view down Grandview Avenue from above in PittsburghA snow squall moves through Pittsburgh above the Duquesne InclineThe crescent moon sits on Mt. Washington in PittsburghRipples of clouds over the Point of View Statue in PIttsburghBlue skies over the clouds in Pittsburgh at daenDawn begins to break from Mt. Washington in PittsburghA viewfinder shines in the early morning light in PittsburghA long exposure of clouds and ice in PittsburghA viewfinder of Mt. Washington on a snowy daySnow on the viewfinder of the Duquesne Incline in PittsburghClouds and ice rush through PIttsburghA view of Mt. Washington from the South Side SlopesThe moon over Mt. Washington in PIttsburghA barge passes by the full moon and PIttsburgh skyline at duskFull moon over Pittsburgh from the Duquesne Incline

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