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Downtown Pittsburgh offers so many interesting photographic opportunities, from the bridges, to the historic buildings and winding roads.
DSC_1114Looking up to the sky in downtown PittsburghThe beautiful architecture of the Union Trust Building in PIttsburghThe clouds reflect in the BNY Mellon Building in PittsburghLooking up at the unique architecture of the United Steelworkers Building in PittsburghAfternoon lights illuminates the atrium of the Renaissance Hotel as the archways frame the Clemente Bridghe in PittsburghPittsburgh and Market Square glow from above in this rooftop viewStraight above the Pennsylvanian in downtown PittsburghAerial view of the courthouse in downtown PittsburghAn aerial view of the Pennsylvanian in downtown PittsburghHigh above Pittsburgh on a spring dayBeautiful light shines down on Pittsburgh in this aerial viewPittsburgh from the roof of PPG Place at duskA vibrant rooftop view of downtown PittsburghThe Courthouse in Pittsburgh is lit up red at nightRoad signs in PittsburghA long exposure of the Pittsburgh skyline from the LIberty BridgeA trolley crosses the Monongahela River in PittsburghA rainy night in downtonw PittsburghA full moon sits on the horizon of Pittsburgh

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